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Earn 8 points for every litre* of fuel purchased!

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 With Z Business, you can earn 8 points for every litre* of fuel you purchase from Z, Caltex and Challenge service stations and 9 points per litre* at truck stops. Use the one fuel card to fill up at over 550 stations across New Zealand. 

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More stations
Fuel up and earn
points at Z, Caltex and 

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There are over 550
stations nationwide to
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More points
Earn 8 points per litre*
at service stations and
9 points per litre* at truck stops.

Terms and conditions apply. Only SmartTrade and GetGenuine rewards are available, apart from that, Z Business terms and conditions apply. 

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IMPORTANT: You must use the code SMARTLOYALTY on your application form to ensure you receive points.

No card fees, no minimum volume requirements, just more savings for you!